Song “Storm” from self-titled debut EP “4 Beat Grace” out October 28th, 2022 

It storms in the head. The overload is in "Storm" program. The 7/24 availability, increasing challenges and social media bring some into the eye of the hurricane.

Voyage - Single

The second single from 4 Beat Grace "Voyage" is a journey through time and space at what feels like the speed of light. A detour to dreamland, where there are no obstacles, where everything is possible and happens. It is not for nothing that the voice asks: "Am I flying? Am I on a spaceship?”. The video shows the fast "road trip" through the most diverse levels of the dream. Well-known actors from the "Violence Dance" video also appear in the moving images.

Violence Dance - Single

4 Beat Grace's debut single "Violence Dance" is the soundtrack for overcoming frustration. About the brief immersion from the stressful everyday life - the immersion in the world of subcultures. Lose inhibitions, let go, dance away the pent-up aggressions. Forget worries and frustration for a short time. In the video, the animated lookalike doll of the singer "Sagex" dances through the underground clubs. Dance!

Imagination - Demo

The song was written during a long period of rain this year in Switzerland. The rain, the everlasting gloomy light and the unusual cold for the time of year led us to dream about "sinking into nothing". Until the end comes ...